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Alphabet Silicone Mould

“Introducing the Pigmo Alphabet Silicone Mould – your secret weapon for adding a personalized touch to any treat! Crafted from premium food-grade silicone, this versatile mould lets you create custom chocolates, fondant decorations, and more with ease. Perfect for birthdays, weddings, and special occasions. Get ready to spell out your creativity!”

Original price was: ₹799.00.Current price is: ₹399.00.


“Unlock Endless Creativity with the Pigmo Alphabet Silicone Mould!

Elevate your baking game with the Pigmo Alphabet Silicone Mould, your go-to tool for crafting personalized treats and edible works of art. Made from high-quality, food-grade silicone, this mould boasts exceptional durability and flexibility, ensuring easy release and hassle-free cleaning.

With the Pigmo Alphabet Silicone Mould, the possibilities are endless. Spell out names, messages, or special phrases with precision and flair. Whether you’re making custom chocolates, fondant decorations, or playful ice cubes, this mould makes it a breeze to add a personal touch to any occasion.

Designed for both novice bakers and seasoned professionals alike, the Pigmo Alphabet Silicone Mould offers versatility and convenience. Its heat-resistant properties allow for safe use in the oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher, while its compact size makes storage a cinch.

From birthday celebrations to holiday gatherings, let your creativity shine with the Pigmo Alphabet Silicone Mould. Elevate your desserts, impress your guests, and make every occasion truly unforgettable with this essential tool for any kitchen enthusiast.”